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an galli cantu

for percussion quartet
Recorded at a workshop

Conducted by Simone Rebello


I: Marimba (5-octave), Vibraphone

II: Tubular Bells, Tambourine, Kick Drum, Tam-tam

III: Hi-hat, 2 Bongos, Suspended Cymbal (small), Vibraphone

IV: Marimba (4.3-octave), Crotales

Programme Note

an galli cantu - 'or at the cockcrowing', is taken from a passage of

the bible where Jesus tells his disciples to be vigilant for the

Second Coming. I placed particular emphasis on the symbolism

of the cockcrowing, alluding to the Denial of Peter, after which I

modelled the structure.


Starting with the sound of the Tubular Bells, two Marimbas play

from two sides. After three iterations of the same musical

materials, each time more elaborate, the Suspended Cymbal

signals a turning point in the music, after which metal

instruments dominate. The Vibraphone then ends the piece with

a slow and quiet lament.


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